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Tips on Planning a Corporate Event

Tips on Planning a Corporate Event

1. Pick a good venue:
Having a good and appealing venue is so important for corporate events. You want to make sure the venue you pick is comfortable and at a convenient location for everyone. It’s important to make this the first step in planning a corporate event to ensure that it is available for the time you want it.

2. Decide on a menu:
Corporate events should include food that’s delicious and different. Most corporate event venues, like Fountain Springs Country Club, offer a wide variety of menu choices to ensure there is something for everyone. Decide if you want finger foods that are fun and fast or a sit down meal. Having “fun” foods such as cotton candy, snow cones, and milkshakes will also make for an exciting corporate picnic. Decide the best time to serve food, depending on what other activities you have planned for the event. Make sure that at the time people are ready to eat, the food is hot, and ready to be served.

3. Have entertainment:
A corporate picnic is nothing without entertainment. A few ideas for good entertainment are to hire a band, DJ, or even a comedian that everyone will enjoy. With no entertainment, your beautiful venue will go to waste! Another good form of entertainment that doesn’t require hiring someone would be to get active. If your corporate event is outside, you can enjoy games such as volleyball, kickball, and Frisbee to build teamwork and trust among you, your coworkers, and family. Having a picture booth or hiring a professional photographer is a great way to keep the memories of your event forever.

4. Invite guests:
Your guests are what make the corporate event. Corporate picnics are often celebrations for a whole organization. When you invite guests, make sure to be clear about who else is invited: family, spouses, friends, etc. The bigger, the better! It’s important to send out invites early to give guests time to plan for the event and mark their calendars so there are no conflicts. Having a lot of people at a corporate event is a great way to socialize and network.

5. Have fun!:
A corporate picnic is a great time to talk amongst your coworkers in a relaxed environment. Having fun with people you work with can really strengthen your relationship with them, even at work. Playing silly games with each other can build trust and teamwork. Most of us don’t think about it, but we spend so much time with people we work with and never really get to know them. So, take the time to have fun with them and strengthen your relationship with people you spend so much time with.

If you are looking for the perfect location for your corporate event or company picnic, consider Fountain Springs Country Club, located in New Jersey with easy access from NYC.