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Tips For Planning An Event With A Small Budget

Holding outdoor events can help you get out of your stressful and busy routine, relax, and enjoy the open air. At Fountain Springs Country club, you can plan a variety of events including quality time with family, or doing something different with your friends. You can also hold corporate events which can increase the motivation of your employees by giving them the opportunity to interact more with their co-workers in an out-of-office environment.

No matter what type of event, the planning process begins by setting your budget. The tips below can help you to organize a successful event without spending a lot:

  1. Deciding on location

Picking an event location is the primary step in the event planning process. Transportation to the event location can generally be an underestimated cost, and it can turn out to be a very significant cost. It’s important to make sure that your event location is easy-to-reach with a variety of transportation options.

  1. Look for the best transportation options

When planning a corporate event, you should ask employees if they are able or willing to use their own vehicles. You can also arrange a carpool which allows employees to get to know each other that may not normally interact. Carpooling also serves the purpose of reducing costs per person for transportation. If you are instead looking for a transportation service, don’t rush. Take your time to look through all the options, and try to come up with the best possible solution for your budget.

  1. Make it fun and creative

You can come up with creative ideas like games, raffles, or group exercises. When done right, these kinds of activities may help reduce the cost and have fun without any additional spending. The event location plays a key role, too. The event venue that you select may offer several free activities that you may not have thought of on your own. Don’t forget to consider the wide variety of activities that we offer in our facilities at Fountain Springs Country Club!

  1. Give us a call

Our professional event staff is always ready to help you plan your next event. Give us a call or send us an e-mail if you have any questions or thoughts. Even if you have a limited budget, the staff at Fountain Springs Country Club will be more than happy to help you have a successful, engaging event.