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How to Plan an Affordable Corporate Event

One of the most overlooked aspects of managing a successful event is having fun. Corporate events build rapport between departments that don’t always interact with one another. Building company culture is a best practice amongst the most successful businesses. Corporate events serve to thank employees for all the work they on a daily basis; however, they can become costly. Here are some tips on running an event on a budget your coworkers will be talking about around the water cooler for months to come.

  1. Identify the goal

Whether it is a summit to have office branches mingle, a summer celebration after a tough quarter, or simply a way to say “thank you”, make sure your event has an end-goal. Think about questions like “why are we here today?” and “How will this benefit the employees and the company?” This can help eliminate activities that may be fun to some, but a waste of time to others.

  1. Stay Organized

Just as you would never jump into a project at work without a plan and a list of deliverables, don’t start planning the event without a brainstorming session and a checklist. Small expenses can sneak up on you when big ideas aren’t fully thought through and new ideas arise. Try creating an Excel document to compile ideas for the day’s activities with time-bound goals, expenses, and a column that ties the idea back to its purpose.

  1. Keep the Decor Cheap

No event is complete without a theme. Event themes can be lame at times, but a bit of creativity can go a long way. One of the easiest ways to create an entertaining atmosphere, even in the largest of events, is table centerpieces. Mundane flowers can get pricey, so take time to create functional centerpieces yourself or with coworkers. Try tying them back to the goal of the event or making them interactive. For example, if the event is being held to fundraise for a homeless shelter in the area, create “roses” out of socks to be donated to the organization. If it’s a summer event strictly for team building, a fun centerpiece could be plastic water bottles glued together with painted caps for different tables’ “teams”.

  1. Don’t splurge on prizes

A hallmark of corporate teambuilding events is competition. Competitions can get people talking and having fun. However, the prizes can quickly become a significant cost, so skip the costly awards and go with something more humorous that’ll become a coveted prize among participants. Instead of a $50 gift card to a fancy local restaurant, have employees compete for the office toaster and all the bragging rights that come along with it. Keeping competition lighthearted is both engaging and endearing.

So, you’ve thought about all the other details that go into this event, but what do you do throughout the course of the day? Fountain Springs has an entire event staff that can help you every step of the way through the planning process.