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Five Reasons Why You Should Host a Company Picnic

1.  Boost Company Morale and Spirit

When employees love the company they work for they will probably be more productive. Throwing a company picnic may make your employees happy to work for your company and be more productive.

2. Break Down Departmental Dividers

Within a company there are typically different departments. Certain departments may not interact with each other resulting in lack of communication between all employees. Throwing a company picnic would be the perfect opportunity for employees from every department to talk and get to know each other!

3. Strengthen Teamwork

Company picnics allow all employees to work together and rely on each other for a common goal. Activities at a company picnic will allow for this in a casual way. This may help employees build trust with each other and translate this team work into the formal job setting.

4. Show Appreciation for your Employees

By throwing a company picnic for your employees, you will show them how much you appreciate all the long hours and work they put in to make the company successful. Going the extra mile to show appreciation may result in employees being loyal and work harder.

5. HAVE FUN!!!

There is nothing better than setting aside job titles and just having fun! Company picnics allow all employees to be laid back and enjoy being around everyone. You can never go wrong with a fun filled company picnic.

Now that you have decided that it is 100% worth hosting a company picnic you need to find a venue for it. Here at Fountain Springs Country Club in Ridgewood, NJ we will make sure you company picnic is a fun filled and relaxing day. Fountain Spring Country Club will cater the food while you enjoy the facilities including our five pool swim complex, softball field, beach volleyball court and more! Be sure to take a look at the full list of activities.