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Company Picnics: Increasing Company Loyalty

In addition to offering employees a fun and relaxing day away from work, a company picnic improves employee attitudes toward your company which can lead to an increase in employee loyalty and retention. A company picnic is widely understood by employees as a “bonus” that not every company provides.

Making Employees Feel Appreciated

Company picnics make employees feel appreciated, and employees who feel appreciated are happier and more productive in their position. Employees understand that this is a day created specifically for their benefit and enjoyment, which goes a long way toward an employee’s job satisfaction.

Bond Workers through Common Experience

The unique memories formed during a company picnic can create deeper relationships between co-workers and management. Enhanced work relationships result in a deeper connection to the company, longer retention, and firmer employee commitment.

Invest in Your Employees

With so many companies cutting costs and benefits, giving employees the opportunity to share a day of food, recreational fun and memories (like zip-lining, boating, fishing and team events) makes employees feel important and valued. The investment a company makes in a picnic can speak volumes to employees about their value and their place within the company. Benefits like an annual company picnic help to build your company’s reputation as a great place to work.